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War inside the mind

Everyday life can cause cause depression Depression isn’t just a feeling of sadness, but of restlessness, emptiness, lifeless and aggressiveness. Every person is different. Depression is something that interferes with everyday life, and leaves a...


Hope will always be there…

Q&A with Junior Victoria Pfeiffer Hope: The theme of novels, the moral of fables, the triumph over evil. Hope can illuminate a dark situation, and can help people accomplish great feats or overcome great obstacles. Hope is a powerful emotion,...

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Ditch the phone or keep it?

The positive and negative effects of technology paired with studying It’s that all too familiar scene: studying for the upcoming AP Chemistry test while listening to Pandora on your iPhone when suddenly, your phone buzzes with a new Snapchat. You...


Standing for stanzas

Sophomores exit victorious in Poetry Out Loud’s return to PRHS Poetry flew from the mouths of the 28 students who met in the Performing Arts Center for the first round of Poetry Out Loud on Wednesday, January 14. Randall Nelson, Heather...

Pasky poses in his Varsity jacket adorned with patches from his three Varsity seasons.

It’s up and it’s good

Senior Bryce Pasky earns praise for kicking performances In football many times the most respected positions on the fields are those that throw, catch, and run the ball, yet you don’t usually hear about the other positions on the team. The kicker...


The gray in black & white

Fighting racism one day at a time Picture this: you just moved from a school with 500 students to a school with 3,000 students. You look calm and collected on the outside; you don’t want new peers to see that inside you’re shaking with fright....


A ONCE in a lifetime trip

Junior Alex Bigelow’s hopes of going to New York City with her father fulfilled It all started with a bet. In the summer of 2013, junior Alex Bigelow asked her dad to take her to Broadway to see a show after becoming a theater connoisseur. Her...

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Just keep swimming

Is it so easy to give up? Perseverance and application helped 64-year-old Diana Nyad achieving her dream and they could do the same for everyone else. Editor’s Note: The following story is a Journalism1 collaboration Waves crashed. Sun blazed....

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