Our Town’ brings high hopes

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As opening night creeps into focus in a mere 14 days, performers and production
crew prepare for the 1930’s flashback in the fall production, “Our Town,” by Thornton

Since the cast list was released Sept. 21, approximately eight hours of rehearsal
per week has taken place for the three act fall production, “Our Town.” Twenty-seven
cast members depict the lives of average town citizens in the 1930’s.

“This is a very beautifully written show with ‘real people.’ I think our audience is
going to come away very impacted,” drama teacher Marcy Goodnow said.
This will be her fifth production since taking over the drama department in 2010.

“The story is just so honest and you can tell Thornton Wilder poured his heart into
every sentence.” senior Colby Bales said, who has been involved in drama for
three years.

Because of Bales’ character, he has to memorize the most lines of the production.
“I play the Stagemanager. Essentially, he’s the narrator of the play, speaking to the
audience about the town, people, and sometimes even playing different characters
within the story. He’s there to express Thornton Wilder’s ideals to the audience as
well as direct them through the everyday life of the town of Grovers Corners,” Bales

In addition to the main cast, 20 students will be a part of the production crew working
behind the scenes with lights, costumes, sound, and props.
“Our Town” will come to our stage Thursday, Nov. 29, Friday Nov. 30, and Saturday,
Dec. 1 at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday, Dec. 2 at two p.m.
“The cast includes many new comers that will blow you away,” Goodnow said.
“Come and see it!”

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